Eastern Mongolia

The Birthland of Chiggis khaan and vast steppe

Eastern Mongolia is where heaven and earth fuse into one part – a boundless blue sky colliding with an equally limitless sea of green. The occasional wooden shack or ger reminds you that humans do inhabit this enormous landscape, but for the most part it’s an unspoiled amphitheater of bounding gazelle, scurrying marmots and jeep tracks that squiggle endlessly into the distance. This is one of the world’s last great unharmed grassland ecosystems, and you can imagine yourself galloping along it on horseback. The new oil fields are bringing change, however, so get here before the prairie disappears. The other major feature of the region is the Khan Khentii Mountains. This was the homeland of Temujin, the embattled boy who grew up to become Chinggis Khaan. Travelling by horseback or jeep, you can visit places associated with the world’s greatest conqueror. The final frontier, this is by far the remotest, and least visited part of Mongolia, and a venture into its depths is a challenge even to the most experienced of travellers.
BT & TC travel company offers tours such as community based tours, historical tours, jeep, horseback riding tours. The following list includes the most popular tours run in Eastern Mongolia, even though tailor-made itineraries can be developed and suggested according to the requests.

Extension tour

Dear Valued friends, BT and TC Travel Company offers some examples as extension of the above tour programs. The following list includes the most popular classic tours. In addition, basing on your request tailor-made itineraries can be developed and suggested.