Central Mongolia

Mongolia-nomads cultural center

Most of the trips start from Ulaanbaatar (UB) and spread out though Mongolian vast land, steppes and mountains. From ancient times, central Mongolia played a main role in the history. Nomadic culture, history and even nowadays political and economical influences come from this region. The central Mongolia is loaded with both historical sites and natural beauty, with plenty of scope to horse trek in forested mountains, camp by pretty lakes or soak in hot springs due to the region is relatively close to UB. And most of all sights are with convenient infrastructure to reach. The popular touristic destinations are still in this area like Karakorum, the ruins of ancient capital of Mongolia, Gobi dunes with its splended landscape, the Amarabayasgalant monastery, the heart of Mongolian Buddhism, Khusvgul fresh water lake, the pearl of Mongolia – all in central Mongolia.
Even you are visiting Mongolia for short time there will be a place to travel shortly.
BT & TC travel company offers classic tours. The following list includes the most popular tours run in Mentral Mongolia, even though tailor-made itineraries can be developed and suggested according to the requests.

Central Mongolia tours

Extension tour

Dear Valued friends, BT and TC Travel Company offers some examples as extension of the above tour programs. The following list includes the most popular classic tours. In addition, basing on your request tailor-made itineraries can be developed and suggested.