“BT and TC” company’s goal is to provide services to fulfill our clients expectations and beyond. We start to arrange our clients’ trip by supplying with true information to get real overview of the trip. And do all the best to provide excellent services and to ensure that the experience will be the memory of your lifetime.
The trips and services that we have designed was the result of many years of research and updating every year to become more optimal and perfect.
 Our professional staff with years of experience is at your service to make your trip UNFORGETFUL.


Tailor made Tours

“BT&TC” travel company has been organizing tours since 2009. As Mongolia is a vast country and can travel in different ways, most of our tour products are outcome of close cooperation with our clients on tour designing. learn more

Your Travel Partner

Whether it’s a holiday or corporate group travel, event planning, incentive travels or business trip that brought you to Mongolia, we will ensure that your trip will be successful and tour achieves maximum satisfaction. learn more

Handpicked Hotels

On our tours you are completely free from the hassle of booking your own accommodation in cities and countryside. BTandTC company carefully chooses the accommodation on your tour. Our years of close cooperation with local hotels and ger camps makes you a special and most welcomed guest among the travelers accommodated in their hotels and gers.

Our staff

Bayasgalan (Bayasaa)
Founder & Managing Director

2009 – present       Managing Director of BT and TC travel company 2009 – 2014            Ulaanbaatar city Tourism Board as Senior officer 2004-2009              New Juulchin Tours LLC as Sales manager 2002-2004              Juulchin Corporation as Sales manager 1999-2001              Worked as tourism expert in GTZ (German Technical Cooperation) project Assistant Teacher at the Gazarchin Institute Contracted Surveyor of the Mongolia Tourism Master Plan 1998 – 2004 by TACIS, EU

Sergelen Batdorj (Seke)
Destination manager

Sergelen or SEKE was born in Ulaanbaatar city but grown up in countryside. He was involved in tourism field at youngest age and have years of experiences to serve and explore.

Logistics and RD manager

Chuluunbaatar or as we used to call as Chuka, is our living GPS and the key person for tour program development. For every tour program development, first Chuka checks it on the spot by himself and tailors the program in order to make feasible, enjoyable and comfortable to travel in Mongolia.


Bayaraa, born in countryside and has experience serving to clients over 15 years. His gentle and kind behavior is always makes clients happy travel with him. Knowledge of driving in countryside, taking care of his vehicle all the time is a success of our trip.


  • This trip will stay with us a Happy Memory!!!
    Tanaka Aori
  • Dear Bayasaa, I was thinking so often about you and Mongolia. I was trying to present your great land Mongolia, Mongolian people and excellent guides, and special you as my friend and great travel company. I'm so happy that we had such great adventure and had opportunities to see Naadam festival. Please tell my best regards to Chuka too and all our friends. Best regards Toma
  • Thank you very much Bayasaa, for inviting me over to share best practices for Snow Leopard and other wildlife viewing and tracking, and to explore the region.